How to use JTAG connector on hikey960


How to use JTAG connector on hikey960


you need short a JTAG pin from the bac




according to the documentation, to access to jtag I need:
Step 1
Power on and reset the Hi3660.
Step 2
Set JTAG_SEL1 and JTAG_SEL0 to 2’b01 to multiplex the CPU JTAG function on the JTAG pin.
Set JTAG_SEL1 and JTAG_SEL0 to 2’b00 to enter the register selection mode. Configure the
system control register JTAGSYS_SW_SEL [7:0] to switch to the selected debugging
interface for debugging.
Step 4
Connect the corresponding simulator and open the corresponding debugging software to start

I have soldered the JTAG connector. I verified my cable and soldering are ok. I have used two different jtag probes but they cannot find the target.

I have localized JTAG_SEL0 and JTAG_SEL1 (TP902 and 903 on the board following the schematics), but how can I configure the system control register JTAGSYS_SW_SEL please? No information about that into the doc.

Please any detail shoulb be nice here.


I am interested in this as well. While it is possible to pull the two testpoints to the indicated values, there is apparently no information on the control registers JTAGSYS_SW_SEL.

Did anyone achieve this?
The linaro team, or the boot developers should have this information as they developed/adopted the bootloader…
Any detail would be nice :slight_smile:


maybe i’m blind, i see no TP902/3 caption. schematics states near J2301 (jtag conn. itself), but i see there only one testpoint not sure which is it


I am reading same information from manual, did you figure this one out?


Hi all,

Hisilicon has released some Jtag configurations, hope this is helpful for Jtag enabling:


More docs for DS5 enabling on Hikey960 from Hisilicon landing team (also thanks ARM colleagues!):

How to debug via JTAG on Hikey970?

finaly located test points TP902 TP903



So actually where are those test points located ?
I don’t see them around the JTAG connector (there’s maybe one but it’s quite far…)
If you have a picture that would help.

Also I’m not sure to understand the description from the Hisilicon manual.
Should TP902/TP903 be forced to b01 permanently to enable JTAG (that is TP902 to ground, TP903 to VCC??) ?

Is there a SW configuration to be made , JTAGSYS_SW_SEL register to be configured? Is this through debugger, dump window or DAP ??
And can’t see any such SW configuration done from the mentioned scripts …

Thanks for your help.


Do you need the Dstream device to use this. Or can you use any jtag reader and connect it to DS5 ?



Following this subject (a few months later), did anyone got JTAG to work on the Hikey960?
If not, did anyone got to a conclusion on what to do with those JTAG_SEL pins or what should we do on the board side to enable JTAG debug?

Kind regards


I read a bit for the two docs:

I don’t find any information about configuring JTAGSYS_SW_SEL; want to remind one thing for using JTAG, firstly you must need to disable idle states for all CPUs, please refer the shell script for this:



FWIW, upload the picture for TP902/TP903.