How to use DisplayPort of Hikey970

The datasheet of kirin970 mentions the existence of DisplayPort which can be used for second display.
How can we make use of the DisplayPort with the Hikey970 board?
Can I make use of the DisplayPort by just soldering the DisplayPort connector on the respective pins of Hikey970?
How can I make use of the second display as mentioned in the datasheet of kirin970?

I am not aware the DP port being made available. There is only HDMI and DSI (HS) made available through a switch.

Can we solder one DP port on the DislayPort lines?
Or do the USB-C ports support Alt mode for DisplayPort?

This boards only supports USB2.0 on TypeC, no DP lanes or USB3.1 supported.

HIKey970 does not have dedicated DP lines as I mentioned previously.

DP support over USB TypeC (e.g. Alt mode) is not supported due to the AUX lines BA2/BB1 are NC - you can find this on the schematics.