How to use 96Boards UART on Rock960 board


Hi All,

I am aware of dedicated pins for UART on Rock960 board,
I connected usb UART pins and set baurd rate to 1500000 but I get garbage output on console.

So I connected 96Boards UART Serial but I could not get the console logs.
Can some one share how to configure 96Boards UART Serial with Rock960 boards.

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Which OS/Image are you running and which terminal tool are you using?


Hi Loic,

By default it come with Android image, but I want to run Ubuntu so I flash
rock960ab-ubuntu-bionic-minimal-arm64-20181218_2036-gp.imgt on the sdcard.
on the monitor it shows the login prompt but on serial console its all garbage.

using serial.

So I want 96board Serial console to work for testing build and test new kernel.

Serial console tool minicom and picocom with baurdrate 150000.

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what usb to serial ttl converter are you using? some chips doesn’t support 1.5M baudrate and output garbage.



I have Rock64 and I am using the same usb serial cable, it works with 1.5M baurdrate.
I have got the serial console to work properly on from the uart debug pins,
But still some garbage in the output.

How can we get the 96board uart to work on Rock960 boards.

sudo picocom -b 1500000 -r -l /dev/ttyUSB0

root@localhort8~# ifconfig
lo: flags=73<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING> mtu 65536
inet netmask
inet6 ::1 prefixlen 128 scopeid 0x10
lonp txqueuelen 1 (Local Loopback)
RX packdtr 522 bytes 35810 (34.8 J@)
RX errorr 0 droppd 0 overruns 0 drle 0
TX pbjdts 002 bytes 35810 (35.8 JB) TX errors 0 dropp`` 0 oterruns 0 carrier 0 bnhhrhnns 0
lp 00,0.0.!17 ndtlbj 0 4.044,055. brodbart 00, ,0, hldp6 d00008002428:088f:0d0 ```dhph@L 44 rbopdhd 0x 08hlb ndt4 20028b008d06006000d:643d802@b0bb4 ``@dxldl 60 rbnphd 0x08fhn``H< hlt4 00 0b 0 &0 &0860d 0$@@00 @00000 dDHpHdL$ bbn`@@@ p 8fHn@@h @`@@`Bb0 `0&"0 0640`0 pp`````H`L @p`@pL@` @`@BBb 00 @p@b && " 0&,6 H@ @``Nb @pnp@ nd@Lb D`@H@ PP`@BB@`b $0$@p`@r"20 0 ""0 !@``N`b @`N``@@ Nd@lb B@``@@BNHH@b@NLNNHNB@H@Nb0|

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Most of the debug mezzanines connect to UART1 of the LS header. But RK3399 is not accepting any other UART ports as the debug console other than the default UART2. I tried to get it working at some point but didn’t complete it.

Will look into it soon.



Hi Mani,
Yes I figure this out, default UART2 seem the be working fine with no issue with the mainline kernel. Lets consider closing this issue. :grinning:
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