How to upgrade image in u-boot by fastboot command?


Hi, I use the SD boot and I need to upgrade image from u-boot with TypeC port.
How to use the fastboot command in u-boot and upgrade images ?



Looking at the options, I suppose you need to type ‘fastboot usb 0’ or ‘fastboot 0’ to use first usb controller.


Hi, I try the “fastboot usb 0”, seems works
But when use windows fastboot, can’t find any devices and flash not working too.
Is my fastboot version to old or others environmental issue?
My OS is Windows 10 and try newest fastboot, the link as follows
Seems fastboot command format is difference.


Just try with my rock96 and it works as expected.

$ fastboot -i 0x2207 devices
ec1bad6ded33b1c	fastboot

I however run this from a Linux host (not WIndows) and with a old u-boot build (U-Boot 2017.09-g515bbbd (Jan 09 2018 - 14:07:09 +0800)).

I’m not sure about the right steps on Windows, but from your screenshot, it seems device has no driver attached. I think the first step is installing this driver, maybe the following link could help: