How to set up any MIPI-CSI camera

For now, we have only used ov5640 camera as it’s officially supported by our 820 uSoM. But we found another camera we would like to try out - Basler daA2500-60mc. They have their own library interface for the camera. We tried it plug&play, but the pylon library didn’t find the camera. We suspect that you have to do additional configurations to get it running, probably in the apq8096-db820.dtsi device tree. Are there any guides or pointers how to set up a MIPI-CSI camera?

AFAIK, the Basler userspace tool expects a different driver than the upstream camss for 820c. So you may want to contact Basler so that they point you to the right kernel tree.

Thanks for the quick response, is this the driver that ov5640 uses with qualcomm?