How to set time in Dragonboard programmatically in Android


@doitright Thanks for sharing insights. I would try this once I get a microphone working. I meantime, one of my colleagues is trying to install AOSP after that It might run without a problem.


BTW did you try Linaro AOSP instead of this old no more supported one.


Hi Loic,
I am trying to build that. It tooks almost 70GB internet bandwidth. I had not realised that. Will update you once I get that back to working.


In meantime, can you please let me know how can I install this patch on my current version of Android 5.1.1.

Patch Link:
Patch Post Link: Audio and Microphone on Android OS for DragonBoard™ 410c


These patches seem to apply in different AOSP sub-projects, I’m affraid you need to look at patch title or path to deduct in which project you need to apply them (with patch or git apply command).


Ok @Loic. I will see it.