How to set resolution to 800x480


I am just a beginner of this board.
I connect to HDMI port of 800x480 resolution LCD panel but can not see the default Android screen on that. When I connect to Windows 10 PC the LCD panel works without any problem with same 800x480 resolution.
Thank you for your advice in advance.


Connect your board to a PC via the micro USB connector. Make sure you can see the board on your PC by opening a terminal program on your PC and run the ‘adb devices’ command. E.g.

> adb devices
List of devices attached
1c580202 device

Then run following command:
> adb shell wm size
Physical size: 1920x1080

> adb shell wm size 800x480


Could you tell me the name of the Terminal program which I can download and use easily.


It’s just the command prompt on your PC, so it should already be installed. If you’re Windows, just open the DOS/Command Prompt window. If you’re using Linux, just open xterm or gnome or whatever the default terminal program is that comes with your distro.

Also make sure you have android adb installed. The safe way to do this is to download the Google Android SDK and you can find the adb tool in /path/to/sdk/platform-tools. If you’re using Ubuntu, you can just do something like: sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot



when I use the command reset resolution

adb shell wm size 1080×720

the hint is:Error: bad size 1024×768.
I do not know how to do.

Thank you for your advice