How to program by using internal SPI

We try to initiate to install our original program into internal SPI Flash Memory . So I would be appreciated to advise us the way of booting into the SPI Flash Memory.
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Genta Shinohara from AquaFusion. Inc

See section 1.2.2 on page 11 of the hardware user manual:

This may also be helpful for you;

Thank you for your prompt reply.
In order to entry schematics, we need schematics of surrounding area of MPU. So I would be appreciated to provide us the schematics which is specified in the attached file.[Our_Requirement200609 ](http://)
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Genta Shinohara

AFAIK the schematic for the SoM is not published anywhere. I think you’d need to contact support the SoM vendor ( ) for that kind of information.

At this moment, Arrow doesn’t sell Avenver96.
So please tell us about the purchase channel of Avenver96.

Hi gshinohara,

There was some confusion with the purchase links on Arrow’s end. Here’s the correct link, and we’ll update it on our website soon.