How to measure power consumption on Hikey 970?

Hi folks,
I am trying to log down the power consumption of HiKey 970 during my benchmarking.
I am wondering is it possible to use any software library to measure the power consumption.
Or it’s necessary like using a Device Power Monitor or probes like what other discussion threads show (960 discussion thread)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The board has several shunt resistors (search the schematic for 0.001) but you would need to use an external probe to observe the voltage across these resistors.

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I have found some related work Neural Network Inference on Mobile SoCs

This is how they measure the power:
For Kirin 970, because of the absence of any integrated on-chip power sensors, we approximate the power consumption by measuring the socket power with the help of a power measurement unit running at 100 Hz.