How to make changes in dts take efffect?

I sync the kernel 4.9 and change the status of sensorhub node from “disable” to “ok” in dts file. and build the new DTB, copy the dtb into aosp /device/linaro/hikey-kernel/hi3660-hikey960.dtb-4.9, and then build the boot image.
But I found that the changes not take effect. Even I remove all the dtb file in device/linaro/hikey-kernel/, still can make bootimage successfully.
how can I make my changes in dts file take effect?

fastboot flash dts dt.img

I mean how to build dt.img only in android source code?

I’m not sure if it can. Run a full make.

And note that subsequent builds won’t fully rebuild the entire tree, just what changes, so you won’t be looking at hours every time. Just delete the DT related files from the out path.

Just a suggestion.
@weddy_wang_1 Check the kernel version currently board is booting with.

cat /proc/version

Replace the corresponding image.
I had made this mistake few weeks back by replacing 4.9 images by following the google’s documentation.
But aosp build was taking 4.14 images.