How to install Android Apps on HIkey AOSP


Hi all,

I have flashed AOSP + OPTEE to my new Hikey board. Now I am trying to install an android app on it.
However, I am getting following error.



It says ‘insufficient storage’, but I don’t think that is the real problem. There is lot of space left on eMMC.

Disk Space :

Another problem I am facing is with micro sdcard. I have inserted the 8gb micro sdcard to the slot; however,
I dont see it with the command df.

Is there any obvious mistake with what am doing? Let me know, what to do to install an apk file.

Thank you so much!


Ah damn, adb install -s is to install app inside sdcard and I dont have sdcard.
Without -s flag I could able to install the app.

But why is my micro sdcard is not getting detected by the board? Please let me know.


thanks you guys for your Answers i try to install into my sb card but failed to install this app im seeking for more information how to install these apk files on my android mobile