How to get root/remount access running Android on DB845c


How do we get write access to /system/ folder in Android running on DB845c?

I try root/remount and root/disable-verity, both failed. The AOSP images were compiled with “lunch db845c-userdebug” option.


C:\work>adb root

C:\work>adb remount
Can not mount overlayfs for partitions: No such file or directory
remount failed

C:\work>adb root

C:\work>Adb disable-verity
/system/bin/disable-verity only works for userdebug builds

The way that android is designed now is such that you should NEVER need to modify the system partition. In fact, the system partition should actually be the same on devices that are otherwise different. Their goal here is to make almost the entirety of android “generic” and therefore a path to provide an upgrade path that isn’t dependent on the vendor.

All vendor specific components will go on the vendor partition. So that is where you should be making your test changes. ADB remount will set the vendor partition as writable.

Thanks, but adb remount failed and I was not able to push my test lib to /vendor/lib/soundfx.

I was able to root/remount kikey960 board and I though we should be able to root/remount DB845c board.

I try the pre-built AOSP images and also compiled the master branch AOSP for db845c-userdebug, both boot up ok, but I was not able to remount and not able to push my test lib to /vendor/

You can normally specify which parttion you want to remount (e.g. adb remount vendor), adb remount then looks into /vendor/etc/fstab.db845c to check the partition. If not defined, it will not work. Maybe you need a similar patch: