How to get or build HiDTVPlayer for Android 8.0?


I installed Android 8.0 on poplar with procedures ‘’ .

But this firmware does not have ‘HiDTVPlayer’ .
How to get or build ‘HiDTVPlayer’ and same appplications ?


AOSP for Poplar is an exactly that. An AOSP build and as a result doesn’t really come with any applications. You need to install these yourself.

There’s not Google Play Store but you should be able to install third party .apk files (VLC for example: ). You might also be able to look at adding app stores this way (f-droid and Amazon App Store for example).


Thank you , but I failed to install VLC on AOSP .
I try again .

Poplar STB does not support HiDTVPlayer and same application .
If I want to use them , I must use Android 5.1 (Preinstalled version with poplar) ?


I think so.

To be honest I have not really looked at the Tocoding Android images but, for sure, any proprietary applications found in Tocoding images will not be included in the AOSP builds for poplar.


BTW I mostly run GNU/Linux on my poplar so I haven’t actually tested VLC personally but I’m surprised you had problems installing it.

Best way to install the .apk is probably via adb sideloading. Did you notice the instructions on how to get adb working:


Thank you for your reply .
OK , I understand that HiDTVPlayer is proprietry application without AOSP .

And I will try to install with your advise . I report the result later .


I thinked that AOSP of Poplar works as ARMv8 . because /proc/cpuinfo describes “model name : ARMv8 Processor rev 4 (v8l)” . .
I tried to install VLC-Android-3.0.10-ARMv8.apk . then I failed to install it .

VLC-Android-3.0.10-ARMv8.apk : failed to install
VLC-Android-3.0.10-ARMv7.apk : successed

Now , I cannot find Difital TV features in VLC with DVB-C tuner .
I try to check VLC .

Thank you for your support .


AOSP is only built in 32-bit / ARMv7 mode for Poplar though. That’s why you can only install ARMv7 apk.


Thank you for your reply .

I understood root cause that I failed to install VLC-Armv8 .

I think that AOSP support both mode ARMv7 and ARMv8 .
Poplar select ARMv7 for reducing memory size .
It’s correct ?


Yes, AOSP is built in 32-bit only to reduce the memory footprint.


Thank you for your supports .
My issues are cleared .

I’ll try to use VLC with android ARMv7