How to enable Opencl support on hikey960?


Hi @jainrahul1. Sorry for the late reply. The image has a major bug. Once, the bug is fixed I’ll send the link . Sorry for the inconvenience.


@jainrahul1 Lemaker has now provided a debian image with pre-built tensorflow for hikey970. I tried it out and it tensorflow is working smoothly. Here is the link for the image:


@nish thanks a lot for the link.


@nish are you able to connect to network on Hikey970 board? As for me wired connection is not working.


@jainrahul1 Yes I am able to connect to network. Tried both wired and wireless connection are working. The network-manager-gnome icon at the bottom isn’t working. The wired connection works automatically once you connect it. You can connect to a wireless network using the nmtui command.

The wired connection is not hotplug. Connect it at the time of boot. You can try to change it in network interfaces


@nish It means that the “hikey970_android_8_images” image in the link can support OpenCL on hikey970?


@Sam_Huo i believe currently only cpu support for tensorflow is enabled in images.


@nish lemaker os image has tensorflow 1.4 version which is old? do you have any image with latest version?


@yang Do you know whether the current released user space driver supports SPIR-V? this website mentioned that "
Note that, as of the date of publication, the publicly released Arm Mali drivers available at do not correctly support SPIR-V.
" But they don’t mention anything about the version number. Do you know whether the current released r9p0 version supports SPIR-V?


r9p0 does not support SPIR-V


Thanks for the information.


Hello everyone,
Anyone tried running object detection models like yolov3 on hikey960?
May I know the models you tried and their performances?


Hello, I have the same problem as you. How did you solve it? Thank you.