How to enable Opencl support on hikey960?


Hi @jainrahul1. Sorry for the late reply. The image has a major bug. Once, the bug is fixed I’ll send the link . Sorry for the inconvenience.


@jainrahul1 Lemaker has now provided a debian image with pre-built tensorflow for hikey970. I tried it out and it tensorflow is working smoothly. Here is the link for the image:


@nish thanks a lot for the link.


@nish are you able to connect to network on Hikey970 board? As for me wired connection is not working.


@jainrahul1 Yes I am able to connect to network. Tried both wired and wireless connection are working. The network-manager-gnome icon at the bottom isn’t working. The wired connection works automatically once you connect it. You can connect to a wireless network using the nmtui command.

The wired connection is not hotplug. Connect it at the time of boot. You can try to change it in network interfaces


@nish It means that the “hikey970_android_8_images” image in the link can support OpenCL on hikey970?


@Sam_Huo i believe currently only cpu support for tensorflow is enabled in images.


@nish lemaker os image has tensorflow 1.4 version which is old? do you have any image with latest version?


@yang Do you know whether the current released user space driver supports SPIR-V? this website mentioned that "
Note that, as of the date of publication, the publicly released Arm Mali drivers available at do not correctly support SPIR-V.
" But they don’t mention anything about the version number. Do you know whether the current released r9p0 version supports SPIR-V?


r9p0 does not support SPIR-V


Thanks for the information.


Hello everyone,
Anyone tried running object detection models like yolov3 on hikey960?
May I know the models you tried and their performances?


Hello, I have the same problem as you. How did you solve it? Thank you.


Are these instructions still valid, or have there been any updates?

The bootloader from there doesn’t work for me - when I try flashing the ptable, I get an asynchronous error on the board.

I instead used the bootloader from The Debian image from this website works, but no GPU/WiFi/HDMI, so I am keen to get your image working.

With the bootloader from the above website, the Debian image you posted above doesn’t boot - it gets stuck on “Waiting for root device”.


can you please follow the guide here and let us know how you get on?