How to debug hikey960 via JTAG?

Dear all,

I see some materials about JTAG debug for hikey960:

Solder a JTAG connector to the pcb is easy, I’m wondering what else need to do if I want to debug hikey960 with DS-5?

Or more specifically,
Is JTAG debug still doable and popular?
Must I buy a DSTREAM-ST? Is ULINK OK for 960? Difference between Ulink and Dstream-st?
DSTREAM and ULINK are rare nowadays (if I’m correct…) are they still on sale? Any other hardware debugger which are compatible?

Any ideas should be helpful! Thank you, guys!

This is the first time I remember seeing anyone talk about using JTAG. Most are content debugging over UART.

Good luck!

huh! Thx your reply anyway. UART cannot debug as deep as JTAG, dont you guys think so? :laughing:

JTAG definitely can debug a lot deeper than a UART… but that only matters in circumstances where a developer has to debug a problem and the UART does not see far enough.

If you are working on a problem where JTAG is required then have JTAG debugging can be a huge time saver but unfortunately there’s not a lot of community experience with JTAG on the forum. There is some however:

There has also been code contributed to openocd to enable hikey960 support (together with a clear indication that it works with a BusBlaster v3):;a=commitdiff;h=e255a7f7bfa2331f346029154c8328324eb2491e

danielt, what would be the prefered toolchain for debugging on Windows? I will need to debug code that runs on a Tensilica HiFi co-processor which is on the hikey960 board. How do I shoot some example code there and possibly debug? It’s going to be very low level, fixed-point code that I will need to debug.

But also I would like to debug Arm A53 cores too.

Thx, the infromation about the plan with busblaster v3c is really helpful!

Will update if something works!

Thank you, guys! Busblaster v3c with OpenOCD can actually work!

This link gives you the description of hikey960 board for OpenOCD

This is the CPLD image for busblaster I use

Btw, OpenOCD for Hikey (not 960!) may also help you understand that!