How to create a new partition on Hikey 970

Hi !

I am going to learn file system on Hikey 970 and try to compare different file system structure and performance.

But I am wondering is it possible to install 2 file systems on 2 partitions such as ext4 and f2fs and how to create a new partition on Hikey 970?

Thanks a lot!!

I don’t think there are any tutorial guides.

When I’m hacking on things like this I generally construct a rootfs containing partitioning tools using buildroot and then load it as an alternative initramfs. This results in a system running from RAM making it easy to mess about with the partition table, etc, in the UFS.

Thanks for your good suggestion!
I should learn more about this and do it by myself!

It’s a good trick to have up your sleeve for this kind work. In
particular I often use buildroot/initramfs to give me somewhere to
stand when I first get a board and don’t want to wipe the original
firmware quite yet!

The buildroot manual is really good.

If you are interested then I keep some known working .config files in my
git repos. I use them for kernel testing but they are a good starting
point for other uses too. To be clear that is no “magic” in them;
creating a new .config from scratch isn’t hard but if you have any
problems then a known working fallback might be useful. If interested
then take a look at:

It seems a good starting point for kernel beginners who try to build a custom platform.
Thanks for your kindly guides!

I think I can learn a lot from your codes!