How to connect to ethernet


Hi, how do I connect an ethernet port to the rock960? I’ve noticed there are extra contacts in the usb3.0 port, what kind of connector would I need to break that connection out into the standard rj45 port? Thanks!



extra contacts in the usb3.0 port

what do you refer? can you post an image?

On rock960, if you want to use ethernet, you need usb type C or type A to RJ45 dongle.


Sorry for the late reply

here is a picture of the extra contacts on the blue port

not sure what they’re for, if anything


These ‘extra’ contacts are actually part of USB3.0 standard [1]. including differential pairs for transmitting and receiving data at superspeed. The legacy contacts D+/D- are used for backward compatibility with USB2.0. Like @hipboi said the easier way is to connect a USB-TO-Ethernet adapter.



Huh! I had no idea. thanks for the help!