How to analyze the boot up failures


As best as I understand things, adopt a v4.14 kernel and reboot several times (rate of nonoccurence may be fairly low).


Sometimes takes a few hundred reboots: Boot failure / crash during the boot?


Hi @Loic, Why would you attribute the solution to “fuse a PBL config or modify the SBL code” here? Could you please share your thoughts?


Note that Loic’s comment was about how to stop the system entering a debug mode after it had failed (it was not about stopping it from failing). In that case of debug mode no other code has been executed yet!


Correct! my point was not about root cause resolution but how to prevent the bootloader to switch to ramdump mode after a crash.

I’ve tried to enable QCOM krait watchdog on Linux, and this also causes a reboot in ramdump mode when triggered. So I do not see any easy way to cleanly reboot after a crash/watchdog without modifying the second stage bootloader.