How soon until a Linux prebuilt image is available?


Along with that, userspace Mali Bifrost drivers to accelerate the userspace GL ES.

The hikey 960 can use ubuntu os system ? or where is ubuntu image

@sdrobertw The HiKey960 Documentation needs to be clarified:

Out of the Box
The following subsections should describe how to get started with the HiKey960 using the release build shipped with the boards. The HiKey960 board is ready to use “out of the box” with a preinstalled version of the Debian Linux distribution.



Thank you so much for the observation. I will address this as soon as possible to reflect the actual initial startup experience.

Please allow until the end of the day for this to be reflected on the website.

Thank you!



In what state is the Linux support? Which kernel version are you targeting initially?

Is there an Linux image (and code) we can play with in the meanwhile?


Is anyone (linaro or community) working on this?


based on my persolan observations, feel free to correct me if i am wrong
I think they are…

That is an upstream kernel which sees active development. I think they are waiting for this or the 4.9 branch to be stable enough for release and then we can have a debian based distro for it.


Linux pre-built images are available for quite some time but not advertised yet:

They are a work in progress. There’s 2 issues that we’d like to address:

  • switch to UEFI
  • get Mali userspace drivers and integrate them

For UEFI, we’re close. For Mali, we don’t have yet the Mali binaries yet and it’s under discussion.

Note1: the current images are console only.
Note2: Debian images will be available soon, they need to be updated to latest changes made on OE.


We’d like the Linux release images (Debian and OE) to have UEFI and a 4.9 kernel to start with a working accelerated desktop.

However, in the interest of “release early, release often” Fabo has already supplied links to the snapshot openembedded images. It is strongly suggested that folks keep updating to the latest snapshots as they become available.

At some point, when everything falls into place, we will tag it to be a “release”.


directions to flash?


Download images from

  • boot-*.img
  • dt-*.img
  • rpb-console-image-hikey960-*.rootfs.img.gz

Uncompress the rootfs image with gunzip:

$ gunzip rpb-console-image-hikey960-*.img.gz

Flash the images with fastboot:

$ sudo fastboot flash boot boot-*.img
$ sudo fastboot flash dts dt-*.img
$ sudo fastboot flash system rpb-console-image-hikey960-*.rootfs.img

Note: kernel has been updated today with cpuidle/cpufreq features. I suggest to pick up the upcoming build. It should be build #62.

HiKey960 don`t boot with linux Image
Stuck in fastboot

thanks, also i see a grub.efi file. does it mean efi is working.


also i see console as well as desktop images have a lava-hikey960 img.gz as well. what is it?


Is this supposed to be uart only?


Yes. For the time being the images are (UART) console only.


hmmm… that mean’s i’ll have to wait for logic level shifter to arrive.


is it on uart 0 or 1?


Should be on LS-UART1.


sadly the new logic level converter is also not working at 1.8v. I guess the max it goes it till 2.8v. The seeed studio uart has very high shipping cost so i can’t buy it. Have any better solution for uart atm?


can someone confirm that this chipset would work for uart


sorry to spam this thread, but i’ve learnt something from my stupidity and just want to share it here. It seems that there are usb-ttl devices that utilize the ft232rl chipset. these usually have jumpers on them to select 3.3 and 5.0v and it turns out that is just to restrict stuff to thoes voltages. if you remove thoes jumpers and not set them at anything thing then the happily work as low as 1.8v connecting only the tx rx and gnd pins.