How many versions of Ultra96 board are available now?

There are two repositories for Ultra96 board definition files on Gitbub, ultra96v1 and ultra96v2 respectively. The board photos for two versions are also different.

The photo of ultra96v1 is the same as the board I have, but the photo of ultra96v2 is quite different:

Is the second version of Ultra96 available now? And what are the modifications or improvements comparing to the first version?

The Ultra96v1 is the original Ultra96 that we announced in March 2018 and are currently selling. These are in stock at or The Ultra96v2 is an update to Ultra96. More information will be coming in early 2019. It will not be available until 1st Half of 2019. We are starting development work now, which is why you are seeing a preliminary version of our board definition file.

Thank you for the reply. I am still wondering whether there would be huge upgrades in the v2 version. If the improvements are worth waiting, I would recommend my friends waiting for the Ultra96v2.