How can I connect sensors and webcam to Ultra96v2?

I got a new Ultra96v2 and would like to connect some sensors like temperature, Humidity, and also I have a webcam that I would like to use to do Face Recognition, Object detection etc.

My post here is having multiple questions.

  1. How to connect sensor
  2. What do I need to do to recognise the Logitech webcam and do image /video processing for Face Detection and Recognition.
  3. See my question below regarding the Arduino like sketches found in the libraries folder. ( How or what do I have to do to compile them )

Looking for some guides in the “Getting Started” section.

I do see some ( Arduino like ) sketches in the “/usr/share/arduino/libraries/”
folder, and there are some samples in the " /usr/share/ultra96-startup-pages/webapp/templates/Projects/" directories.

None is clear enough to get started.

Would appreciate any leads, inputs and readers input their opinion on how to get started.



To get started using PetaLinux to integrate reading from a sensor into your Linux image you way want to checkout these resources: (“Integrating Sensors on Ultra96 with PetaLinux 2018.3”)

To use a webcam for AI & ML applications the Avnet “Introduction to Deep Learning with Xilinx SoCs” TTC may be helpful:

I hope this helps.

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Ok, so about those “Arduino like sketches”… those ARE arduino sketches.

Here is the thing; if you look at the Ultra96 product page, there are links to a “Seeed Grove Starter Kit” – which includes the “sensors mezzanine” board, which is basically several level shifters, as well as a Microchip Atmel Mega 328, which comes pre-programmed with a bootloader that works like an arduino uno. Those sketches are for that board, if you have or obtain one.

That is not to say that this mezzanine is the only way to connect sensors to the ultra96. To be honest, I much prefer connecting sensors directly than to go through a microcontroller. You just need to make sure that the sensor(s) you are looking at are compatible with 1.8V, or you connect them through an appropriate level shifter.

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Take a look a the 96Boards Click Mezzanine. Allows you to connect MikroElektronika Click Boards directly to PS and PL I/O on the LS connector. Currently, over 700 different Click Boards that can attach to this thing.

Thanks so replying.

Yes,I do have an Arduino, ( a few Nanos and few Uno, along with some WiFi ESP8266,ESP32 and Wemos, that’s how I was able to recognise the directories)

I was able to dig up a bit into some link and found a way to compile the code.

This link did help me a lot.

Adam talks about the startup code( bash, python and makefile ) Helped me to get a bit further after a day.

I will try to connect sensors directly ( of course, after validating the voltage requirement ) Will keep posted.
My real objective with the board is to do Object and Face Recognition and Detection.
Working on it - Will post my questions in this forum.

Thanks - Looking at it. Hope to venture connecting directly to the board.
I do not have a Mezzanine.

I really want to connect a web cam and do some Face/Object Recogntion to the Ultra96 - that’s my objective.