Hikey970 - Measure Avg Mem Access Latency

Board based on the Kirin 970 - HI3670 Application Processor
More info: http://www.96boards.org/product/hikey970/ (Website coming soon…)
Buy now: https://www.seeedstudio.com/HiKey-970-Development-Board-p-3046.html

Hi All,

is there any way to measure the avg memory access latency when running an executable on the board.

I installed Lebuntu on the board.

Any direction will be of great help.


Hi Siva,

the average memory access latency will strongly depend on the cache behavior (hit ratio), which depends on the application itself.

You could read the CPU performance counters to get L1/L2 hit and miss counts while executing your application. Then all you need is the access latency for the different levels. If you are lucky, you can find documentation for the latency somewhere. If not, I guess it should be possible to write a micro-benchmark to measure the latencies.

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Hi Martin,

Thank you for your quick reply.
This helped.