HiKey970 board user manual pinout typos?

Going through the pinouts for the expansion connectors in the manual here:

On page 10, the high speed expansion connector shows I2C3_SCLL (pin 36), is this a special clock signal? Or just a typo?
Same page 10, pin 45 and 46 state DSI3_DATA3_P and DSI3_DATA3_N, I’m pretty sure those should be actually DSI2, no?

Both look like typos to me. Any chance you can report these using the “Report an Issue” button in the docs? See:
https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/hikey970/hardware-docs/ (bottom of page).

Thanks for the page link. Just submitted it as #520:

Thanks for the page link. Just submitted it as #520:

No worries.

By the way I should probably warn hat it can take a very long time to
get PDFs updated. We cannot directly modify these in the same way we can
update the markdown; we have to go back to the original document owner.