Hikey960 not visible in fastboot mode



When Hikey960 is set to always boot in fastboot, powered on, and connected to Ubuntu machine with USB-C I cannot see the board.

fastboot devices command does not return a device.

no activity when connecting and disconnecting the board in dmesg log

lsusb does not show connected device

Anyone have any insight?


Determined it was the cable I was using.


Thanks for the update… and, curiously, that the second broken USB cable that’s been mentioned on the forum recently (which is odd because problems with USB cables are normally pretty rare).


Some USB cables (at least USB2) only have power wires without D+/D- data lines (e.g. cables coming with external usb battery). Maybe we can have the same kind of charg-only cable with USB3.


Thanks for the reply! So my issue was I did not pay attention to the cable I had. I thought it was just a USB male to male, but turned out it was a universal file transfer cable and had some firmware/software on it. Thus that firmware was the connected device and not the Hikey.


Could someone recommend a cable that has been tested ok and in working. I am fairly certain by now that I am having a similar issue with this thing: