Hikey960 flashed uefi bootloader - stop at recovery with ddr_halt! message

Hello everybody,

I tried to flash uefi bootloader from receovery. First time succeeded and I had Android booting. For some error Android was crashing and keep rebooting. After a while board became unresponsive.

After plug-in the power no matter recovery or normal board uart is printing:

xloader chipid is: 0x36600110, start at 526ms.
Build Date: Dec 6 2017, 15:31:59
[clock_init] ++
hikey960 [hikey960_clk_init]
hi3660 [clk_setup]
[clock_init] –
storage type is UFS
ufs retry: 6 count v_tx:0 v_rx:0
ufs set v_tx:0 v_rx:0
Hikey960[5301] no need avs_init.
ddr ft:0xf20332a3,mode:1 target:4
ufs retry: 5 count v_tx:3 v_rx:0
ufs set v_tx:3 v_rx:0
ufs scaledown
ch 0 gt_errfail, STATUS:0x00000060
ch 0 gdst_errfail, STATUS:0x00000040
ch 1 gt_errfail, STATUS:0x00000060
ch 1 gdst_errfail, STATUS:0x00000040
ch 2 gt_errfail, STATUS:0x00000060
ch 2 gdst_errfail, STATUS:0x00000040
ch 3 gt_errfail, STATUS:0x00000060
ch 3 gdst_errfail, STATUS:0x00000040
density: 0x0c0c0c0c,0x00000000,0x0c0c0c0c,0x00000000,0x0c0c0c0c,0x00000000,0x0c0c0c0c,0x00000000
ddr info 0x00000306
ddr halt!

Few info:
flashed release snapshot from linaro (release 85).

if I try to use hikey_idt:
Config name: config
Port name: /dev/ttyUSB1
0: Image: hisi-sec_usb_xloader.img Downalod Address: 0x20000
1: Image: hisi-sec_uce_boot.img Downalod Address: 0x6a908000
2: Image: recovery.bin Downalod Address: 0x1ac00000
Serial port open successfully!
Start downloading hisi-sec_usb_xloader.img@0x20000…
file total size 99584
downlaod address 0x20000
Finish downloading
Start downloading hisi-sec_uce_boot.img@0x6a908000…
file total size 23680
downlaod address 0x6a908000
Finish downloading
Start downloading recovery.bin@0x1ac00000…
file total size 1179648
downlaod address 0x1ac00000

It stops here…

Someone have idea of what it could be?


These two logs give the hint that when initialize DDR or load image into DDR, it will be stuck. Could you give more detailed info for what’s the DDR form on your board?

Hi Leo,

it’s a Skhynix. What I can read on the package is: H9HKNNNDBUMU
it’s not one of the listed on their website…

while flash is: Samsung KLUBG4G1CE-B0B1


Build 85 is not the newest UEFI bootloader.
From here you can find build #95: https://android.googlesource.com/device/linaro/hikey/+/refs/heads/master/installer/hikey960/

While build 95 was put out to correct an issue with Toshiba UFS (you have samsung), there are likely other changes in the code as well. Might be worth a try.

Thanks for pointing out this. I can actually only boot into recovery right now, not sure how to flash what available there from recovery…