HiKey960 don`t boot with linux Image


I have successful flashed the Linux Image from https://builds.96boards.org/snapshots/reference-platform/openembedded/morty/hikey960/rpb/latest/ with the instruction on https://discuss.96boards.org/t/how-soon-until-a-linux-prebuilt-image-is-available/1715/10.

$ sudo fastboot flash boot boot-.img
$ sudo fastboot flash dts dt-
$ sudo fastboot flash system rpb-console-image-hikey960-*.rootfs.img

But when i change back the “Ext Boot Mode Switch” and power on again the HiKey960 it will not boot.
No LED is flashing, no Information is on the UART and no Picture is on the HDMI-Port.

When i use the ASOP-Image it will boot and i have an Picture an the HDMI.
The UART-Connection i have cross-checked with my normal HiKey.

Sascha Welbat


Assuming you flashed the console image, in order to reproduce, can you confirm the build number used?


I have used the following Files:

  • boot-4.9+git0+dfd2f77df3-r0-hikey960-20170512125703-62.img
  • dt-4.9+git0+dfd2f77df3-r0-hikey960-20170512125703-62.img
  • rpb-console-image-hikey960-20170512125703-62.rootfs.img


it works with uart with me, what uart are you using…


I use the USB-to-Serial-Adapter Pololu CP2104.
It is connected to the Low-Speed connector Pin 11/13 and Pin 35 for 1.8V reference.
The Setup works on HiKey, but on HiKey960 i see nothing.


kindly take a look at one of my recent posts…


Thank you.

with the FTDI FT232RL with the Voltageregulator it is working.