Hikey960 desktop rpb usb mouse and keyboard response slower

I follow url
install this rpb image

It is perfect running on hikey960
but when I use usb mouse and keyboard
mouse movement and keyboard is slower

I don’t know why???

I can Imagine what is a slow mouse, but what do you mean by slow keyboard (delayed print?) ?

something like this

Are you using a Logitech Unifying Receiver? I think I see one at the start of your video.

Yes I use Logitech Unifying Receiver

But use usb mouse get same result

OK, was just checking because I’ve seen my Unifying Receiver exhibit behavior similar to what you’re seeing due to interference. This was on a NUC7i5BNK and not a Hikey960. :neutral_face:

I have the same problem on HiKey960, please help.

Are you using ‘Logitech Unifying Receiver’ as reported by the previous comment ?

No, I’m using Dell wired usb mouse. And I compiled android oreo form source, I’m using android O. not sure the system response slow or the mouse slow.

Do you see any usb related info in dmesg? like usb disconnection/reconnection, enumeration, timeout…

I find two similar topics:

punan2010: Android “O” (AOSP stable) does NOT support Hikey960. You need to use MASTER branch.
Also, your question is off topic for this thread.

thank you for the help.