Hikey960 automotive requirements

I am working on an automotive product with below requirements
Android 9/10 automotive only


  • LTE 4g

  • Dual display parallel running (one for primary android UI another for instrument cluster )

  • Can bus to gather sensor data information

All should support in android automotive 9/10.

Can anyone help me to know how Hikey960 can be used here ?


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Can anyone guide me here ?


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Nothing will work in AOSP 9/10. None of 96boards are supported on release branches of AOSP, master only. That means that as of right now, you’re looking at AOSP ~11.

I used to work with hikey960 during the interval before dragonboard 820c became properly available. However, everything I’ve done with the hikey960 is now out of date since I’ve been replacing them with db820c.

All my work is here, but I can almost guarantee that it won’t even sync any more; https://gitlab.com/HiKey960-Car

Maybe it will give you some idea about where to start.

However, I’d recommend not wasting time on it. That board is discontinued.

@user0x11 I was facing same problem. Luckily i saw your post thanks for sharing this with us. You are really appricated . :slightly_smiling_face: