HiKey960 AOSP hardware decoder /dev/hi_vdec not created

Hi All,

I have a HiKey960 AOSP build with kernel version 4.14.
When the omx component trying to initialize the OMX.hisi.video.decoder.avc decoder getting error :slight_smile: VDEC_VFMW: hi_open : open driver [/dev/hi_vdec] failed !

when i checked the path /dev/hi_vdec node not created.
Can you please let me know from where i need to include the code/firmware to enable the hardware video decoder

with kernel version 4.9 it is created hardware decoder

A lot of things in 4.9 haven’t been added to 4.14… yet.
I’d suggest that you identify the pertinent commits and cherry-pick them into your local.

Thanks for the suggestion.