HiKey960 AOSP hardware decoder /dev/hi_vdec not created

Hi All,

I have a HiKey960 AOSP build with kernel version 4.14.
When the omx component trying to initialize the OMX.hisi.video.decoder.avc decoder getting error :slight_smile: VDEC_VFMW: hi_open : open driver [/dev/hi_vdec] failed !

when i checked the path /dev/hi_vdec node not created.
Can you please let me know from where i need to include the code/firmware to enable the hardware video decoder

with kernel version 4.9 it is created hardware decoder

A lot of things in 4.9 haven’t been added to 4.14… yet.
I’d suggest that you identify the pertinent commits and cherry-pick them into your local.

Thanks for the suggestion.

It seems to me that the driver depends on the iommu code of version of kernel 4.9, which is quite different from 4.14 so just picking the driver bits won’t do it (as far as i’m aware) unfortunately