Hikey Bootloader Source


I see a link to the Hikey kernel source tree at https://github.com/96boards but I see no bootloader source. Will the bootloader source tree be released for this platform?



I don’t think we have the source for the current bootloader - but it’ll be replaced soonish anyway. I hope we’ll get the source for the new bootloader once it’s ready.



Hi Bero,

Is the new bootloader u-Boot or UEFI?



If I remember from the 96Boards software session at connect then this will be UEFI



What’s still extremely unclear so far:

  • Will this UEFI implementation be standalone (not relying on the current firmware)
  • Will this UEFI implementation be comform to what the Linux kernel expect from an arm64 implementation (proper timer initialization, PSCI support, entering the kernel at EL2)
  • Will the firmware be rewritten to be 64bit clean (instead of the current 32bit -> warm reset -> 64bit)

I’d very much like to see proper plans regarding the above.




An initial code drop of the UEFI bootloader (with source!) is now available.

From Fathi on the ML:


The source code to build UEFI for HiKey is now available:

Instructions can be found on the wiki:

Pre-built binaries are available as well:

Note: it’s targeting developers. Several features are under development.
See also the known issues/limitations on the wiki page.



I was discussing with Fathi on IRC channel. He suggested me to try out CI loop builds


You may also need https://builds.96boards.org/snapshots/hikey/debian/118/boot-fat.uefi.img.gz

which I am going to try soon.

Thank you very much Fathi



bero: You mention a post on “the list”, but there haven’t been any posts on the 96boards list yet that I’ve seen, and the mailman/pipermail archives are empty. Can the discussion be moved to 96boards dev list (https://lists.96boards.org/mailman/listinfo/dev)?

Thanks :slight_smile: