Hikey 970 memory issue

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I have a Hikey 970 and on the specification it says that it has 64 GB of disk memory.

After installing Linux (Lebuntu) on the board I find out that I’m running out of memory.

It is possible that AOSP wasn’t removed completely from the board?

I attached a status of my memory below.

It is possible that AOSP wasn’t removed completely from the board?

Kind of.

It looks like the system was not repartitioned so it is likely there are partitions that are unused. Try running fdisk on the various /dev/sdX files (sda, sdb, etc). You can also get some clues from the dmesg logs when the UFS hardware partitions are parsed.

Note that partitioning on UFS is a little complex. There is a hardware partitioning layer (where each partition appears as a /dev/sdX device) and a software partitioning layer (each hardware partition is further subdivided to give device nodes such as /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, /dev/sdb1, etc).

You want to do the following:
confirm that your root file system device is actually /dev/sdd15 by typing:

mount | grep " / "

You should see something like:
/dev/sdd15 on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered).
Then you resize the root file system - no loss of data:

sudo resize2fs /dev/sdd15

Then you should end up with about 24G of free space.
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Hi, when i did mount | grep “/” it says its on /dev/sdd12 which is only having 4.5GB how do i change the root file system to /dev/sdd15 ?

Run the following 2 commands and give me the output.

df -h


To get a 60 GB root filesystem on /dev/sdd12 use
64gtoendprm_ptable.img instead of prm_patable.img
then on boot run.

sudo resize2fs /dev/sdd12

Use 64gtoendprm_ptable.img instead of prm_patable.img
First flash the 64gtoendprm_ptable.img.

You can get it from here.

After you flash 64gtoendprm_ptable.img then you need to reflash the BOOT and SYSTEM partitions with whatever your running. LeUbuntu or Debain from the factory download.

On the first boot run.
sudo resize2fs /dev/sdd12

After that you will have like 59gb or so.