HiKey 960 watchdog


How can I enable watchdog on HiKey 960?
I can’t find any kernel support for CPU


Could you try this one? If still doesn’t work, please go back, I inquired the register address, but I cannot find the clock node in the clock driver for watchdog.

         wdt: wdt@E8A06000 {
                   compatible = "arm,sp805-wdt", "arm,primecell";
                   reg = <0x0 0xE8A06000 0x0 0x1000>;
                   interrupts = <0 44 4>;
                   clocks = <&crg_ctrl HI3660_OSC32K>;
                   clock-names = "apb_pclk";


Witch kernel modul should I enable?
standard WATCHDOG is enough ?


You could enable sp805 ARM watchdog with config: CONFIG_ARM_SP805_WATCHDOG=y; I tried watchdog driver on Hikey (not Hikey960), it works well.