Hexagon SDK support on Snapdragon 410

Is there a Hexagon SDK available for the Snapdragon 410? QDev network’s Hexagon SDK page has no mention of this. Thanks.


are you using Android or Linux on the board?


I’m using Android. I doubt the Hexagon SDK has been enabled on Linux for any of the Snapdragon processors.


The Snapdragon 410 has a nice Hexagon DSP inside.

This is the information we have at the moment.

The Hexagon SDK for Android for DragonBoard 410c, might be ready before the end of the year.
The Hexagon SDK for Linux might be available early next year.

Please patiently watch for the updates on the QDev network’s Hexagon SDK page.


Is there an update on when the Hexagon SDK will support Dragonboard 410c?

Also, i am trying to figure out the maximum sampling frequency supported for an analog or digital mic. Where is this specified. Did not find it in the “PM8916/PM8916-1 Device Specification”.

here krishna

Is this dragon board 410c is supportable windows 10?
or only for linux or android

your question does not seem related to this thread… it’s better to start new thread for new topic.

that said, Windows 10 IOT is supported on DB410c, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot-core/tutorials/quickstarter/devicesetup