Hello dear 96boards diary

Hello dear 96boards diary,

today I celebrated a great success and already wanted to invite all my friends.

At great expense, I have all the little puzzle building blocks thats linaro and 96boards have made available for me the highspeed raspberry replacement really get to work.

After a few breaths, I realized that the “roofs-linaro-stretch-alip-hikey-20180208-15” version showed the console and I was allowed to log in.
My attempt to start the X11 failed. “ERROR”
I think he wanted a Kiri driver but he did’t found some.

My next act was to connect to Wlan and start an upgrade.
After that Wlan firmware went broken and the network cable was locked out like a foreign body.

Now I go to sleep and some day I will use an electronic device again. I’m thinking about using this button on the traffic light. Maybe the cars will stop then. But then I do that all day. hahahaha only i will never cross the street. hehehehe

see ya
best regards

Hi @twonox,

Please try our new snapshot image for HiKey board:

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