HDMI Problems


Hello everyone. I was buy HiKEY Lemaker version and try to install last release (16.03) debian image.
But I was has some issue with HDMI display.


Anybody know how I can fix it? I was try couple monitors and has same issue.


What is your monitor’s model?

We had reports from people having issues with a few monitors, one example: https://bugs.96boards.org/show_bug.cgi?id=262


I was try couple monitors/displays. This happend only for 1280x800 resolution. As I understand it’s wrong kernel driver (no mali support) for newer kernels.


Model: HiKey LeMaker


pre-installed build does not work on with:

  • HP LE2201w (HDMI -> VGA)

build 16.03 works with:

  • HP LE2201w (HDMI -> VGA)
  • HP ProDisplay P221 (HDMI -> VGA) {adjustment errors}

Android build 16.03:

does not work:

  • HP LE2201w (HDMI -> VGA)
  • HP Compaq LA2405wg (HDMI -> VGA)

works with (adjustment errors):

  • HP ProDisplay P221 (HDMI -> VGA)

works with:



Jeeppler: Can you file a separate bug for each of the monitors that don’t work here: https://bugs.96boards.org? Please capture and attach the following debug info:

$ adb shell dmesg > dmesg.log
$ adb logcat -d > logcat.log


I have to update the list for Debian:

pre-installed Debian does not work with:

  • HP LE2201w (HDMI -> VGA)

build 16.03 does not work with:

  • HP LE2201w (HDMI -> VGA)
  • HP Compaq LA2405wq (HDMI->DIV, HDMI->VGA)

Debian build 16.03 works with:

  • ProDisplay P221 (HDMI->VGA) {adjustment errors}

    • No Adjustment Errors with HDMI->DVI


The 4.1 kernel (which the 16.03 release uses) had some known issues supporting various monitors, where it would select mode clocks that hikey cannot properly generate. These issues have been greatly improved w/ the 4.4 kernel, which whitelists known good mode clocks. You can test by installing one of the more recent snapshot builds:

If you continue to have trouble w/ a 4.4 based kernel, please file a bug as the known good whitelist is not exhaustive and there is likely additional modes we can support if we run into monitors that require them.


I’m having a similar problem with my monitor, though with no output, instead of a torn output. I tried downloading the updated kernel using the link abouve, but I keep getting redirected to Atlassian CrowdID Login. Is that normal?