Hdmi_get_video_id_code: timing is not supported h=1920 v=1080



I have connected the dragon board with hdmi monitor(LG LED Display) and powered on the board. but i haven’t get anything on the monitor.

form the debug log i have seen that

13.295227] hdmi_get_video_id_code: timing is not supported h=1920 v=1080

can anyone give suggestion on this please…


What is the model number of the display device?


Hi Danielt,

It is LG22MP56HQ-T


Sorry for the slow reply. To be honest the slow reply is because I’m pretty stumped. From the specs I can’t really see why this monitor would not work (and I’ve not had time to read the manual).

The Android release is fairly fussy about monitors (in particular it doesn’t like DVI-D monitors and requires real HDMI) and I don’t know what console messages we see when the monitor is not suitable.


Hi Daniel,

I think it is some hardware issue on the DB. I tried with other DB410 using same images, it is working fine on that.

Thanks for everything.


Thanks for the update. Disappointing that the board was broken but great to hear that the software is working OK with this monitor. Like I said, although the Android image is pretty fussy, I was expecting yours to work based on the specs…

It might be interesting to try the “bad” board with the debian image. The debian image uses an entirely different display stack and, because it supports many more video modes, it might be able to fallback to something simply if communication with the monitor isn’t working right.