Hardware decoding with Secure Data Path support for AOSP in HiKey 960 board


I am currently investigating on hardware decoding with SDP support for AOSP on HiKey 960 board.
I am aware that currently SDP support for AOSP is not available in this board. I went through the patch https://android-git.linaro.org/android-patchsets.git/tree/hikey-optee-4.9 and observed that added funtionalities need to be added to the ion version that is available for 4.9.
I also noted that for the hardware codec support we need to add additional binaries as provided by @jstultz in Libstagefrighthw.so and libOMX_Core.so for HiKey960
My questions are, if SDP support is made available from the kernel:

  • would we need changes in the above binaries ?
  • will the SDP path be automatically chosen if we define the codecs with .secure suffix (e.g MediaCodec name=“OMX.hisi.video.decoder.avc.secure” in device/linaro/hikey/etc/media_codecs.xml or do we need to add some more support at the AOSP level?