Hardware audio codecs



I flashed prebuilt image from http://builds.96boards.org/releases/helio-x20/mediatek/aosp/latest/mediatek-x20-aosp-16.10-image.tar.xz into X20 board, and trying to run some transcoding software on it. According to ‘media_codecs_mediatek_audio.xml’ it has hardware codec OMX.MTK.AUDIO.DECODER.MP3 that supports ‘audio/mpeg-L2’ MIME type, but when I try to instantiate this codec I got a message:

E/ACodec: Unable to instantiate a decoder for type 'audio/mpeg-L2' with err 0xfffffffe

i.e. the codec was not found for this MIME type. As it is hardware codec I cannot check if binary library for OMX.MTK.AUDIO.DECODER.MP3 is really present in prebuilt image.

Could you please clarify if all codecs listed in ‘media_codecs_mediatek_audio(video).xml’ are really supported? The rich hardware codecs list was the main purchasing decision for this board…

Thank you.