Hardware Audio Codec

Hello All,

I was wondering if there is a supported hardware audio codec that we can use on the Dragonboard 410c?

If so, how is it supported on our boards?

Hi @Rob_Gries Is there anything wrong with the audio codec that is on the board? the analog signals come out to the pads that are between the power jack and the low-speed connedor. Check the app notes on how to connect to the pads, and there are several articles in the forums on how to set up the desired audio paths.

Hi Ijking,

I was thinking more in the lines hardware assisted audio encoding something like taking S16LE and converting it to a voice codec like Speex or G722? I am using the speaker break outs from the analog expansion header and they seem to work quite well.

Thanks for your response.

I think the DSP on the 8016 SoC (on DB410c) has the capability for do audio codecs (both encode and decode), but 1) i don’t know if the s/w is enabled in the DSP firmware released by QC, 2) even if it is enabled, there is currently so host side support (on the Linux side) to enable it, and no concrete plan to enable them in the short term, as far i as know.