Hardware acceleration

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I have installed ASOP Q (from 30th Dec 2018). I’ve installed an app but it reports that the device does not have h264 hardware acceleration. The 960 documentation reports that it has h264\h265 hardware acceleration.

Am I missing something here?

Hardware supports it, not implemented in software.


Oh, that’s disappointing. Do you know if there is anything in the roadmap for this in the project?

Oh and thanks for the speedy reply and have a Happy New Year.


Not tested, but AFAIK, this is/was supported: Libstagefrighthw.so and libOMX_Core.so for HiKey960

Bonjour Loic,

Thank you for finding this.

How do I add it to the build?

32/64-bit video decoder libs are available at https://developers.google.com/android/drivers#hikey96020180628 but indeed I do not see them in the latest Android snapshot (in /vendor). Not sure what’s the status here and if just pushing them to the device is supposed to work. @jstultz, any idea?

So you need to extract the tarball into the ANDROID_TOP_DIR and run the extract-hisilicon-hikey960.sh script. It will add the files to the vendor/ dir. Then rebuild AOSP.

These are only tested against AOSP/master and unfortunately the binaries only work with 4.4 and 4.9 kernels.

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Thank you John,

I’ll try this and report back.

@ jstultz

Hi John, I have hit a limitation with my knowledge of all things Android. How do I copy the file shell file into the HiKEY AOSP file structure so that it can be run?

John’s instruction are how to add the graphics drivers to the source tree rather than how to add the files to a binary image. Instruction for building from source are on the Android web site: https://source.android.com/setup/build/devices#620hikey

Aha, that explains that then, thank you Daniel.

OK, I feel that my android skills are going to be incremented somewhat :slight_smile:

Its nothing to be much worried about. Building the real AOSP works very well – its nothing like building those horrid community hacked forks.