H265 support in 820c


I am working on 820c platform.i need to encode video on h265 encoder ,to add support of h265 i build GStreamer by using following steps
1.sudo apt-get install python3-pip pkg-config meson libglib2.0-dev flex bison git - y
2.git clone https://github.com/GStreamer/gst-build.git
cd gst-build
3.meson build/
4.ninja -C build/

after building i check h265 encoder/decoder support is added or not by runing
gst-inspect-1.0 | grep v4l2
video4linux2: v4l2src: Video (video4linux2) Source
video4linux2: v4l2sink: Video (video4linux2) Sink
video4linux2: v4l2radio: Radio (video4linux2) Tuner
video4linux2: v4l2deviceprovider (GstDeviceProviderFactory)
video4linux2: v4l2mpeg4dec: V4L2 MPEG4 Decoder
video4linux2: v4l2mpeg2dec: V4L2 MPEG2 Decoder
video4linux2: v4l2h263dec: V4L2 H263 Decoder
video4linux2: v4l2h264dec: V4L2 H264 Decoder
video4linux2: v4l2vp8dec: V4L2 VP8 Decoder
video4linux2: v4l2vp9dec: V4L2 VP9 Decoder
video4linux2: v4l2h264enc: V4L2 H.264 Encoder
video4linux2: v4l2mpeg4enc: V4L2 MPEG4 Encoder
video4linux2: v4l2h263enc: V4L2 H.263 Encoder
video4linux2: v4l2vp8enc: V4L2 VP8 Encoder

still h265 support is not added,can any one help me out to solve it.

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Maybe 5. try ninja install

Note that to use hardware decoder, I think you can now use ‘v4l2h265enc’ gst element (part of gst-plugins-good), cf encoder instruction at https://releases.linaro.org/96boards/dragonboard410c/linaro/debian/latest/ or some examples on the forum (How to spcify encoding parameters with v4l2h264enc for DragonBoard 410c)

Hi Loic

Thanks For your information,now i am able to get h265 support.

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