GPT: (WARNING) Primary signature invalid


I have followed the qualcomm instruction on how to build and load a new image onto a dragonboard using fastboot.
My problem is that I keep getting an error after loading my new image onto the board:
GPT: (WARNING) Primary signature invalid

Can someone please help me on how to resolve this? I really cant find much online. I did find one post about zapping the GPT data and that method worked once to successfully boot a core-manage-minimal but now I want to load my custom build. I have used the core-image-sato as my base and added curl,sqlite3,nfc into the local.conf, put the meta-nfc in the main director and in the bblayer.conf as well as enabled nfc in the kernel.
Rob Berry

What BSP to use

I am unable to get a build to work following the QUALCOMM instructions on their sight. It says to use the BSP for your HLOS but What HLOS? the system I am developing on? the once in the BSP ? how do I do this? I keep getting the GPT: (warning) Primary Signature is invalid. I followed the instructions on signing the file, even corrected their flashall script as it was flashing the unsigned version.
PLEASE help, I have had to reload my system at least 10 time today because this error ‘bricks’ the DB410C There has to be a simple way to fix this.
Best Regards,
Rob Berry


AFAIK all BSPs released for DB410C are on the Qualcomm web site:

You also mentioned that you keep having to reload your system frequenctly. What technique are you using to reload it?


Yes I am trying those bsp’s trying to find one that works. I have a rescue sdcard that I am using to reload the system when I need it. I wish the dragon board bsp would generate the sdcard image… it’s very frustrating, been working on this for 4 days now. Keep getting this error. Can’t find anyone on any forum with same issue.


Dumb question but is it an Android rescue image you are using?

Anyhow I’m not quite sure how the early binary releases mapped onto the source releases from Qualcomm but I’m pretty certain the mapping for the more recent releases was:


No, all Linux. not sure if java is the right choice for this product. I have had it out in industry for 8 years and am now working on the new version. Was on the Rabbit Semiconductor RCM3100 processor. moving to embedded Linux on the DB410c as it had a really solid feature set like GPS as well as the standards. I need to build a custom kernel with NFC, CURL, SQLite3 so far. (who knows what comes up during design/build) Will also be using BLE but must likely offloaded to a cypress BLE with mesh.
So I have deleted all files in the project directory and am doing a fresh build thinking something may be corrupted. will see when done…

Thanks for the help


Doh! Let try again. Normally people who follow instructions that include anything about HLOS are running Android so that is what I assumed.

Always say which and provide links to the set of instructions you are following, which rescue images you are using, etc, etc.

For OpenEmbedded I usually point people at the Linaro reference platform build:

There are automatically build images available here (you should generally compile OE yourself but the snapshots can be useful for debugging if only to figure out if there is a problem with your build or with your installation instrucitons):