GPS Software

The instructions in this thread are for the DB410C Debian images. I don’t think they will work on Ubuntu Core.

Hi @danielt, I uninstalled the ubuntu core and installed the Debian.
But not work yet.

The 18.01 release notes mention that GPS was shipped disabled in that
release so, from the timings of the success reports in the above thread
I assumed that @nageshkar was using a more recent snapshot but I guess
it is also possible they used 17.09 instead.

I’m afraid I haven’t fitted an antenna to my board so can’t really test
things here.

@anon91830841: do we need to use adopt a snapshot release?

using a recent snapshot, GPS is working. It can take a few seconds (less than 1 minute) for the DSP to properly come up, once the DSP is up and running, you can register the QC gps into GPSD with:

/usr/sbin/gpsdctl add pds://any

then any GPSd client should work and get data. It might take a minute or so to get a FIX.

Thanks @danielt and @anon91830841.

I downgraded Debian to version 17.09, and now works perfectly with gnss.