GPS Informations

We are looking for some information about the GPS but cant find anything usefull.

  1. We need to know if it is using the SBAS Augmentation (WAAS/EGNOS).
    (We see some SBAS satellites but we have no idea if the corrections are applied.)

  2. Is there any smoothing applied on the data ?
    (normally there is a smoothing setting somewhere)

  3. Is static navigation enabled on the GPS (no direction/position changes when speed is too low)

  4. Where is the GPS code in the kernel or anywhere else so we can change GPS initialisation and settings.


Hi Félix,

Current GPS implementation in Debian/OpenEmbedded on Dragonboard is very basic.
SBAS, position saving or any other advanced features are not supported yet.

Code you can find here:

You may use Android builds if you need all theses features.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the info.

First do you guys have any plans of implementing those features in oe ?

Do you have a brief idea of what would be the work to do ? Are we talking of brigning the driver from a kernel to a other ?

Best Regards,