GPS in Windows

GPS does not seem to be enabled in Windows (based on running a geolocation sample). Can we expect it to be enabled in the future? Thank you.

Hi @jsalvati,

We really do not have any information regarding GPS support on Windows IoT.

The forum bellow for the Windows IoT community might able to have some responses.

Thanks for the reply. I will try there, but the Microsoft web site directs to 96boards for DragonBoard support.

I have the same issue but haven’t investigated why this is. My guess is that is just isn’t configured. From other threads it seems to work in Android on the Dragon 410c (someone correct me if I’m wrote here) so it must be enabled just not configured in IoT Core.

Actually, I learned on the Microsoft forums that some DragonBoard users were able to get GPS data in Windows. So the GPS driver is in Windows. The boards just have very weak reception without an external antenna. One of the users was successful after putting his board near a window. I tried that, but no luck for me. It looks like I will need an external antenna.

Hi @jsalvati,

It is able to add external antenna for GPS where the printed connector J12 or pattern of J11 on the board.

(The radio transmitting devices require to be certified combined with the default antenna to sell in the market, please be mind that adding external antenna is only for who understand the situation at your own responsibility…)

Thank you Jean…

Anyone manage to get this to work? Process? Add an external antenna?