GPS and WIFI antenna

Ok, I’m a little confused and need to clarity. I see you can add an external antenna but you need to solder on a u.FL connector based on a document I came across (Adding U.FL Antenna Connectors to DragonBoard™
410c and Validating GPS on Android).

On the board,s5 and J12 seem to be a connector (MM8030-2610B ( Could I get an adapter to connect to the RF connector instead of soldering a u.FL?

Yes you can get an adaptor, I believe this one will work: The MM830-2610B connectors on the board have switches build into them that disconnect the antenna when you plug in the cable, this is exactly what you want. These connectors are intended to be used to run the factory RF testing on each board. The mating connector is part of the factory test jig and is plugged into every board built, hence the mating connector needs to be very rugged to withstand tens of thousands of insertions (the connector on the board is only designed for a few insertions before failure). Because the mating connector is so rugged it also ends up being a little expensive, as far as I know there is no lower cost version.

The App Note recommends soldering on a U.FL connector, and moving the resistor since this is much more cost effective for the few users that need an external antenna. You will find that antennas with U.FL connectors are as common as antennas with SMA connections. If you use the Adapter above, you will need to find appropriate antennas with SMA connectors. The App Note only lists antennas with U.FL connectors.

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Very helpful. Thank you! The MM8030-2610B connector type called SWG?

Seems soldering is the best way to go (cheaper anyways).