Getting USB microphone working?


I have been trying to get working audio recording in my Dragonboard running Android 5.1.1 with USB microphone but I could not. I have tested a USB microphone in the computer which is working fine.
I have tried almost all AudioInput sources in Android code on my Dragonboard to test it but it is not recording anything. I think by default it is disabled and I have to enable it from somewhere in Os. Anybody can please help me to get it working.


Does anybody have tested USB microphone with DB410c. I have been trying since last week but no luck. Any lead would be helpful.


Is the kernel built with the appropriate driver for that hardware? Are you able to record from that microphone using tinycap? Does 5.1 even HAVE a usb audio HAL? If it does, then does it have audio input capability or just playback?

I vaguely remember that USB audio was a feature added into some version of Android, and it may have been newer than 5.1. My suggestion would be to try AOSP (which is roughly Android 9) instead of that ancient and unsupported 5.1.


Hi @doitright,
Would you please share a link of a step by step guidance to install AOSP for DB410c. Thanks for your help.