Gapps on Hikey/Hikey960



Is there a way to install Gapps (e.g. from into either a running Hikey board, or into Hikey AOSP tree before/during build, or into pre-built images?

I have used gapps from there earlier, but they install through TWRP. I couldn’t get TWRP to boot on hikey in fastboot mode using:

$ fastboot boot

I don’t have GMS license, and this in for local development, not distribution.


I have tried extracting individual packages inside gapps, then copied them all into running system.
on reboot, system never comes up again, complains about a lot of missing libraries etc.

I tried copying some specific packages only, now system boots, I gave all packages all permissions manually. Still google app crashes immediately.

I don’t have a clean working method of installing gapps into Hikey. Any help is appreciated.