From where can i buy Dragonboard 410C



As per arrow, 410C is not available in production and hence i can not buy it.

However i need at least one piece of 410C Kit ASAP for my development project.

Please suggest if there is any other alternative to buy 410C at the same price.



Arrow manufacture the Dragonboard 410c, if they have no stock then
you’ll have to try and pick it up from a retailer. I’m afraid that might
make it difficult to get it for the same price.

If you’re in the US then the AWS ends up close to the same price (it is
more expensive but is bundled with a free US power supply):

Actually, the AWS edition may end up cheaper in some non-US countries
due to the different (and potentially cheaper) courier options.



I am selling my DragonBoard410c. I bought it for an online course (from CourseEra) from Array Electronics. Since then, I’ve never used it and its kept as it is (un-touched). Its original price is USD $75.00 (~£58) and is available only from limited retailers.
Comes with:


This is a very old thread that has just been bumped. Just to be clear DB410C has good levels of stock at Arrow right now (and has for some time).