Frame rate of 96boards-display-7


My potential customer wants to know the frame rate (i.e. 30Hz, 60Hz, …) of 96boards-display-7 to connect to DragonBoard410c before purchasing. I haven’t found the datasheet that shows the frame rate yet. I’m also asking LinkSpright but haven’t gotten the answer yet.
Does anybody know the frame rate of this display?


I don’t have this display but it uses a HDMI connector meaning the Debian images for DB410C should honour whatever the EDID tells it to do.

I’m afraid I can’t help with the Qualcomm Android or Win10 IoT although I suspect they will need a little hacking to support any display that cannot manage 1080p.

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I expect Linksprite’s URL

will be helpful for using this LCD (but haven’t gotten the frequency information from Linkspright yet.)


You know, that really is about the most “bottom end” LCD that money can buy. If your customer is trying to figure out the refresh rate on it to decide if its going to be flickering, then he WILL be disappointed in it, if for nothing else, the extremely low resolution.

If it was a MIPI display, then it might be slightly interesting, but as a cheap open frame HDMI panel, there are actually GOOD displays available. For 7", aim for a resolution of 1280x800. Amazon and Fleabay are good starting points.

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